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I will support you and encourage you in the exploration of your inner world of beliefs, values, assumptions and expectations so that you can identify any barriers, blockages or limitations that may be stopping you from living your best life!


I will support you to recognise and celebrate your wins and your POWER!

I will help you dream BIG!

I will help you to recognise potential barriers, or existing patterns of resistance to achieving your goals or living a more fulfilling life.

I will support you to overcome any challenges that life throws at you.

I will support you in holding yourself accountable for your actions.

I will support you in creating SMART goals to accomplish your desires.

One session COULD change your life!

Yes, that’s a mighty claim. I say it because it happened to me and I am seeing it happen with my clients. 

Wow I had another session with Deborah and she is just amazing. I didn't know what I wanted to get out of the session, I was feeling a bit all over the place and by the end of the session I felt great and focused and totally amazed at how in just a short space of time I received so much. We had pinpointed an old story that is still running in my life and we did some inner child healing on it and turned it around..All of this happens through what feels like just having a chat with a friend , which to be honest blows my mind. Highly recommend 💗💗

At Be You Wellbeing we are all about supporting and empowering you to become the best version of you. Life is short and it’s a frickin' miracle that we are here on this planet, lets make the most of it!


That is why I have invested my time, my energy and my money into becoming a certified Transformational Coach.

Transformational Coaching enables you to receive insights into your internal world of beliefs, values/expectations and assumptions- the gateway into unlocking your potential.

It shines a light on those areas that you don’t necessarily see by yourself…. your barriers, your limiting stories, AND your power!

Transformational Coaching helps you to create long-lasting, sustainable change in any area of your life. Health, wealth, career/work, relationships with self, others, the world around you and/or the divine.

TC is all about potential and possibility.

This is why I am being coached regularly and I LOVE it!

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Transformational Coaching Packages

Your Investment

2 Transformational Coaching Sessions - £250 

6 Transformational Coaching Sessions - £700

10 Transformational Coaching Sessions - £1,111 

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After only two sessions with Deborah, I have had insights that are improving my emotional wellbeing and professional productivity beyond my expectations. She has a keen sense of how deep to go in a given situation and I look forward to going on with my journey with her. 

Deborah is a powerful coach! She uses her intuition and her fun spicy energy to go deep and call you out on your bullshit. She is fearless and bold and she is FIRE! 

Another profound session with you in which you held a safe space for me to explore challenging experiences and supported me to shed light on areas of my inner life that needed healing. Thankyou so much for a truly amazing experience ❤❤❤

When I first met Deborah I didn’t know what to expect from the sessions but I knew I wanted things to change & change they did! She really held the space for me to speak openly & called me out on all the negative thoughts I tell myself, & together with her expertise & insights she helped guide me to break through these. If you are thinking of having a session I would highly recommend jumping in as Deborah really is brilliant at transforming & challenging the way you think about things. I would not hesitate to recommend Deborah as she got me out of my comfort zone & into the taking action zone which I can’t thank her for enough.

I had some coaching sessions from Deb at a time where I was feeling a little flat and was lacking motivation. I am self employed and I was going through a quiet period and started to doubt myself and self worth. Diving deeper and rediscovering the strong, capable and intelligent woman that I am took some searching but with the support of Deb, she began to emerge and we started to challenge my beliefs and change the energy. Would 100% recommend Deb who helped me spiral back up again, hold my head up high again and believe in myself x

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