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This was my first ever experience of a retreat and it was transformational!!

When I arrived I was emotional and very stressed. The experience gave me the opportunity to reflect and focus on myself in the company of a group of lovely, inspirational woman, all set in beautiful countryside. The structure of the weekend was excellent with well being classes, meditation, sound bath and personal challenges to encourage self awareness. A wonderful team truly dedicated to the welfare and comfort of their guests. The food was amazing and great care was taken to cater to each of us personally with a great selection of options.

I left feeling very well rested, clear on my goals, aware of my challenges and the importance of investing time in me. It has allowed me to finally makes major changes in my life that needed to happen. 

Jacqui: November 2022

An emotional exploration of what it is to learn, know, practice and experience wellbeing. I would recommend this to anyone open and curious about what it takes to feel good. 
Chel: November 2022

The weekend helped me start dealing with loss in a healthy way and let go of toxic emotions 
Louise : November 2022

Another wonderful retreat full of connection with wonderful people. I have new insights to be the best version of myself and move towards my goals. I feel rejuvenated and inspired. A jam packed weekend of learning, reflecting, relaxing and feeling safe to be myself and connect with others. It always feels like an indulgence to take time for myself and treat myself, but it is always worth it. I feel relaxed and more positive. I want to keep this feeling. Wonderful food, great coffee, great atmosphere. Gentle. Bliss in the hot tub. Loved the sound bath, meditations, journaling, creative writing, painting stones and the learning and creating wellbeing action plan, self care plan. I am nourished, mentally, spritually, physically and emotionally. Thank you all. 
Alison : November 2022

What a beautiful, connected weekend, I loved meeting all the powerful women, sharing ideas, thoughts, stories and hugs! This has helped me to work through and released blockages on my parth and build self-confidence more. Thank you!
Julia: November 2022

Delightful and enjoyable weekend away connecting with like minded, caring and inspirational, unique, individuals. Much needed time away to focus on my own wellbeing instead of everyone elses - feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Deborah & Abbie are definitely providing a safe and welcoming place to just be. Great content, homely environment and delicious home cooked food. Highly recommended, ticks all the boxes. Thank you. 
Annette: November 2022

I cannot recommend the ‘wellbeing well you’ experience enough! After arriving in a state of dis-ease, I was guided, supported and led through several days of psychoeducation, reflective practice and fun engaging physical activities. The creative element tapped into a purposeful and enjoyable flow that I had long lost. I laughed, I cried, I relaxed, I processed, most importantly I felt safe and welcome. I left with not only a renewed sense of wellbeing but a handful of practical tools, mementos and self-care strategies that are transferable to my everyday life.
Michelle: April 2022

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