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Are you...

Yearning for guilt-free relaxation?

Desiring self-discovery?

Lacking work-life balance?

Finding it difficult to be self-compassionate?

Feeling constantly stressed and heading for burn out?

Needing to be looked after?

Seeking connection?

This retreat may be exactly what you need.

We've created a fun learning environment, where you will learn how to use tools, (such as the Be You model of Wellbeing), discover and trust your own resources, as well as share with others in the group, to identify, improve and maintain your own wellbeing long after this amazing weekend is over.  


We are a mother and daughter team who are both trained

mental health nurses with extensive experience within the NHS. 

We are experienced group facilitators and have hosted retreats for 5 years. 

We have created a safe, nurturing and truly transformative experience where you’ll

reconnect, rediscover and reaffirm who you are. 


We invite you to Be You. 

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This was my first ever experience of a retreat and it was transformational!! When I arrived I was emotional and very stressed. The experience gave me the opportunity to reflect and focus on myself in the company of a group of lovely, inspirational woman, all set in beautiful countryside. The structure of the weekend was excellent with wellbeing classes, meditation, south bath and personal challenges to encourage self awareness. A wonderful team truly dedicated to the welfare and comfort of their guests. The food was amazing and great care was taken to cater to each of us personally with a great selection of options. I left feeling very well rested, clear on my goals, aware of my challenges and the importance of investing time in me. It  has allowed me to finally make major changes in my life that needed to happen.

What a beautiful, connected weekend, I loved meeting all the powerful women, sharing ideas, thoughts, stories and hugs! This has helped me to work through and release blockages on my path and build self-confidence more. Thank you!

A jam packed weekend of learning, reflecting, relaxing and feeling safe to be myself and connect with others. It always feels like an indulgence to take time for myself and treat myself, but it is always worth it. I feel relaxed and more positive, I want to keep this feeling. Wonderful food, great coffee, great atmosphere. 

I cannot recommend the 'wellbeing be you' experience enough! After arriving in a state of dis-ease, I was guided, supported and led through several days of psychoeducation, reflective practice and fun engaging physical activities. The creative element tapped into a purposeful and enjoyable flow that I had long lost. I laughed, I cried, I relaxed, I processed, most importantly I felt safe and welcome. I left with not only a renewed sense of wellbeing but a handful of practical tools, mementos and self-care strategies that are transferable to my everyday life. 

What you can expect at our
Shine Bright Retreat

To ensure a truly personal, intimate and deeply transformational experience, we are limiting this retreat to ONLY 3 PLACES. 

You will receive: 

 2 x 1:1 Transformational Coaching sessions with Deborah

Group activities, discussions, workshops and one to ones*

From Inner Critic to Cheerleader 

Relationships (to self, others and the world) 

Creative Writing

Exploration of meditation styles to find the right fit for you

Journaling techniques to take you deeper

Laughter Therapy 

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Sound Bath

Breath Work



Free time to reflect and digest

Award winning accommodation 

Relaxation in our private garden

Exclusive use of our Spa Area

Delicious and nutritious meals for all dietary requirements

Exclusive Shine Bright Boutique Goody Bag

*subject to change

The Be You Model of Wellbeing provides a systematic approach to:

Assessing your own wellbeing

Highlighting what is working for you

Breaking down any barriers which may be stopping you from living your best life 

Choosing areas to develop

Creating a self-care plan

We want to blast away the limitations that dull your light! 

Let us help you to Shine Bright. 

Your investment: only £1,250


Sophia Loren Room

Venetian Room 

Oriental Room

Shine Bright Retreat
Shine Bright Retreat
An unforgettable, extra special retreat, to help you Shine Bright.
15 Nov 2024, 15:00 – 17 Nov 2024, 17:00
Treetops ,
Hardham Mill, Hardham RH20 1LA, UK

Apply Today!

This retreat is a truly unique VIP experience. We've only released 3 tickets... And we want to make sure those who attend get the very best from us and that we can help you make BIG changes. By applying, this ensures that this retreat is right for you. We want to make sure you're in the 'right' place. Once you've applied, we'll be in touch. 
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