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Our Story

The Be You Wellbeing Retreats evolved from a desire to spend more time hanging out with my amazing girlfriends! It's as simple as that.

I have always loved hosting parties and I love bringing people together, especially bringing my besties together, sharing the joys and the laughter... sometimes the tears. 

However, a decline in my physical health over the last few years eventually led to being stopped in my tracks and resulted in a total reset of my life. I have always been fiercely independent, but now, I needed to be looked after. I seriously needed to focus on self care- this is where my journey into 'all things wellbeing' began.


It was a lonely time.  Although having time for myself was important, I spent a lot of time reflecting, learning about what was good for me in terms of my own health and wellbeing, (and what wasn't),  implementing these new skills on a daily basis.  But I was still yearning for quality  time with my besties.


However,  I couldn't hang out with them in the same way any more. No drinking alcohol, (no more cocktails, no more G&T, no more bubbles) a restricted diet, I couldn't physically leave the house for a while.

So, instead of my normal fancy dress bonanza birthday party, I had an idea for a sleep over pyjama party- it meant I could get all the girls together, organise some games and I could lay down, snuggle up in my blanket if I needed to, all the while soaking up that precious time spent with all of them, enjoying their company, drinking herbal teas and hot milky turmeric drinks instead of alcohol (no hangovers!! such joy). 

Like many, through the Covid pandemic, we endured with Zoom calls or House Party meet ups. 

When something is taken away from you, you really learn how important it is, and I quickly realised that connection was what I was missing. I think many people felt this through Covid with home working, lock downs, not being able to spend time with colleagues, friends, family, so I wasn't so alone anymore, the whole nation was feeling it.  

We benefited so much during Covid from our connections and we cherished every moment we were able to share. I wanted to perpetuate this joy that we all shared, because as I was also learning through my wellbeing research and others were learning through the pandemic, connection, sharing, a sense of belonging, community, all promote Wellbeing.


What if I could grow this and include others too? 

...So I did! 

If you would like to join us, you can book your space here. 

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